Targeted and evidence-informed information – fast

Often organisations or executives need to make decisions about investments, resourcing or activity in a short amount of time and need reliable and contemporary information to do so. This is where HealthSense can help. We understand health information, know where to find it and how to appraise and summarise it – whether it be policies, research evidence or grey literature.

How can we help?

Reviews around the knowledge base of a topic can be broad or narrow. The most important starting point is to clearly define the topic or question of interest. We work with clients to help them refine their knowledge needs/questions, identify scope and select meaningful outcomes.

We provide rapid reviews of topics in a form that is digestible and meaningful – this may be a single page briefing, a 3-5 page executive summary, or a 10-20 page report.

The depth and complexity of reviews can vary from scoping reviews, to narrative reviews to detailed systematic reviews. Whatever your knowledge needs on a topic, we can work with you to develop a review type that meets your requirements and timelines.

Let's tailor the right solution for your needs

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